Let Go!

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”  Rumi  

It’s hard to let go. Of hopes, expectations, plans, control, ideas, fear, excuses, beliefs, self-criticism, limitations…  you name it. 

I’m so phenomenally bad at it, I’ve got a reminder of it tattooed on my skin.  The other night I dreamt this tattoo had somehow turned into a shapeless splodge, and I couldn’t even remember what it originally had looked like.  I woke up and thought, I’m in trouble. There’s something I shouldn’t be struggling against. 

And indeed, the whole week seemed to scream at me, “LET GO!” 

It was snowing, and I had to let go of my plans. 

I had no heating, and I had to let go of my expectation of comfort. 

A project I spent a lot of time and energy on didn’t work out, and I had to let go of it. 

I had to let go of a lot of ideas that didn’t work and start from scratch. 

I needed this reminder that it’s okay to let go. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to hold on. Sometimes you think it does, when in actuality it’s wearing you out, worrying you, stressing you. It might just be that once you give up struggling, you stop being stuck on that tree.

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