The Importance of Showing Up


Spring has been a tease. I’m sitting here at my desk, looking out at the rain, shivering. I can’t see the sky for mist and rainclouds and it feels like the sun’s just said, “To hell with it, I’m going fishing.” 

I feel a bit like the sun. I feel like not writing this blog. I’ve urgently got to practice, and I’m starting to develop an addiction to the video editing process. The indignation I felt when prompted to start my vlog (“What? Impossible! I’m a writer!”) has turned into “What? Writing’s dead! I’m a film maker!”   

It feels so tempting to walk away from this blog. From trying to find something worth saying each week. (When I could just try and be entertaining in a video instead…) It feels tempting to say, “No one would miss it.” But I’ve committed to this. I’m going to heed Seth Godin’s blogging advice: To do it anyway. Even if no one ever should read it. Because the writing of it makes one a better person. 

So I’m going to show up each week, whether I feel like it or not, and maybe, just maybe, I might at some point accidentally say something of use to someone else. 

Sun, I hope you’re listening. I hope you’re going to do the same. Please show up, I’ll certainly be soaking up your warmth.

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