The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Tunes

“I’m always in touch with my demons; you never know when their assistance is needed.” Efrat Cybulkiewicz 

The devil seems to have shown up in my life. Following me around. I have no idea why. Did I call him or did he call me? Even after I’ve completed my Album (“The Devil’s Storybook”) he’s still a strangely beneficial presence in my life. 

By mere accident I came across a book of poetry (From the Devil’s Pulpit, by John Agard), and now suddenly I have a show. It’s like I’ve been given the key to something, or a missing puzzle piece that I’ve been frantically looking for all this time. Everything makes sense now. 

Thinking about it, it was probably me summoning the devil, since it was my decision to celebrate him, as “part of the power which would/ the evil ever do/ And ever does the good.” (Goethe, Faust) 

These are dark and dire times - maybe if we acknowledge the darkness it’ll slowly diminish… that’s my hope at least. In other cultures, where there are dark deities instead of the devil, these forces are being called upon to fight evil. So here I am, embracing the dark to bring on the light.

I’m treading a completely different path from the one I was on only months ago… and it looks like my musical focus is shifting too. I found it. The THING. The THING I was looking for. The THING that excites me. The THING that was missing - not from my music, but from my performances. I’m looking forward to sharing this THING with you.

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