No Way But Up.

Hot Air Balloon wallpaper by Piero FornasettiI’m writing this on the little dishevelled patch of grass I call my backgarden. Finally everything around me is buzzing with life. After all, you can’t keep the grass from growing. 

Funny how there’s one ray of sun and suddenly where you’ve seen struggle all winter there’s  adventure and possibililty. 

I’m incredibly excited about the next 6 months. My plans and projects look like they’re moving along very slowly and steadily, as they have to be carefully fitted into the impossible structure of my days and weeks. But ... there's movement.  The grass won’t grow any faster if I pull it, so I won't even try. 

I feel like I’m in a hot air balloon, trying to rise up, and all this time I’ve been focusing on the sandbags, and the problem of how to get rid of them… So caught up in worries about them keeping me down, that I totally forgot I could just fill the balloon with gas and be gone. Once I’m up there, dropping the ballast will feel ridiculously easy. 

I like the feel of the sun on my face and the wind in my hair as I’m finally putting some distance between me and the ground.


Image Credit: Hot Air Balloon wallpaper by Piero Fornasetti







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