Do We Need Border Controls in Our Personal Life?

Image: Security Girl by Banksy

I love people.
I love seeing other people’s worlds, I love diving in to explore them, and I love coming back to my own space where I can put what I’ve seen and felt with all my other treasures that I’ve collected throughout the years. 
I feel gratitude for everyone who shared bits of their world with me, and the memories will stay with me forever. 

I love my own world, interconnected, and yet my very own dominion - the only place from which I can be happy and function. 

It’s a strange thing, the need to protect the borders of this world so fiercely, while still allowing traffic in and out… realizing the need to set up border controls and sentries, to let nothing sinister in, and to try not to let harmful things come out… 

I feel strange writting this, considering how irritated I feel  just walking through the security check at the airport... and even stranger that it's taken me so long to realize this. But only by knowing my boundaries will remain intact, can I feel safe in my interactions. Only by knowing where my weapons are at all times can I actually be vulnerable with others.

Sometimes I wonder, does it only take women that long to figure that out?

What's your thoughts on this?



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