One of the songs from my show I’ve enjoy playing the most, is not one of my own.  

Strangely, it’s Ode to Joy.  

I know, a strange choice of cover song.  

Made popular by Beethoven’s setting, and by its adoption as European Anthem, the poem was not so highly regarded by its author. Schiller felt it was a failure. In later life he considered it as “of no value to the world.“  

A good reminder not to judge our creations.  

Because, regardless of how Schiller felt, it’s been of value to me. Joy is underrated. Joy is crucial to happiness. Joy is the antidote to whatever threatens to crush our spirits. Joy deserves a song.    

And had Schiller not, in a youthful fit of idealism,written it, I might have been left with the impossibly difficult task to write my own.

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