This week I feel like an aviator cruising through a war zone, having to keep a cool head while dodging challenges. And sure enough, there ate plenty, and all of them pretty unexpected. When my perfectly good, still fairly…

Costume Changes

Every time I open the door to a world of costumes and props, I feel the same delight I felt as a child when rummaging the loft for fancy dress and any odd bits of past stashed away in…

The Taste of Sorrow


The person who probably made the strongest impression on me in my life was my Grandfather. To me he seemed like a boundless fountain of songs, of jokes, of words that made you smile and lift your spirits. On…

Confession of a Highly Sensitive Person


For some reason I find the sight of a perfectly sharpened pencil extremely pleasing. Make it an 8B pencil and I’m ecstatic.
Give me some paper as well, and I’m unstoppable. I’ll scribble down anything. I’ll copy my…

Walking Down Scary Movie Memory Lane


When I was young, to my delight, around Halloween all the TV channels increased their horror movie output. In fact, I probably thought the sole purpose of Halloween was  to celebrate my then favourite genre. 
It’s a little…

Stuck in Neverland

There’s this old joke: 
“Mum, when I"m grown up I want to be a writer.” 
“Sorry, honey, you can’t be both.” 
I don’t know if it comes with being an artist, but why is it so difficult being a…

Answers on a Postcard, Please.

One of my biggest challenges as an artist is to keep to my schedule … I’m constantly behind with things, because once I pick up a project and start working on it, I get carried away and everything else…


I lay awake the other night thinking about how different people in my life feel like gifts. Some like flowers, some like boxes of chocolates, some more like carefully collected shells.

 And then there’s a few diamonds. And…

Lost in Translation

I’m watching a trickle of colourful umbrellas bring some colour into this otherwise grey morning. I’ve taken myself out for some cappuccino, because the smells and sounds make me feel less homesick.  

I’ve managed to procrastinate this morning…


End of Summer Blues

I’m struggling with endings. 
I hate finishing books - that awful feeling when there’s no more story left and you have to return to your own world. 
I hate the end of holidays and visits with friends or family -…


New Rabbit Holes



I’ve been pretty quiet. 

I’ve been looking for life’s pause button - since I haven’t found one, I reckon it’s time to slowly emerge again. 
Here I am, still feeling a little quiet, but very much…

What I Do When I Disappear

A Parisian Cafe by Ilya Repin


I never tire of sitting in cafes watching the world go by.

Listen to the humming of the coffee machines, the clinking of cups, the chatter of people. 
Especially at…