Let someone else describe the sky,

The revolting, beastly canopy.

I've come to weep. I've come to cry.

There's no escape from misery.


The revolting, beastly canopy,

The Truth about Icarus


I was asked some really good interview questions last week. One of them was, “What’s the best advice you’ve received?” In fact I feel so strongly about this piece of advice, that I’d like to share it. 

Title? I Need a Title! You Choose!


Thanks for the suggestions, here and on social media! It was tough to choose, but I’ve decided to go with Dannydangerously’s suggestion. “Shot in the Heart” by Simonne Darkstar came a close second.


Pain shatters my…

Why Judith Shakespeare Killed Herself

I used to live and breathe words. They would spill from my pen, whether I wanted them to or not. The world around me would be under my watchful eyes, and there was no escaping entry into my notebooks…


I've Been Growing Some Words


I’d like to be a garden. 
My gates are rusty and they creak,  
And yet they open with a gentle push  
To those who seek to sneak a peak  

At snapdragons and voodoo lilies  
That bloom among…


The Refugee's Gift

It’s tacky and tasteless. It’s nothing I would buy if given the choice. But when I was a little girl and my grandfather surprised me with it, it delighted me. 

His heart stopped beating many years ago, and…


Why I Don't Believe in New Year's Resolutions

I don’t particularly like all the sentiments that come with the New Year. The resolutions, the sense of a new beginning and all that jazz. 

Because by February it’s very likely that we feel like complete failures, and…

Facebook, do you feel that threatened?

Dear Facebook, 

I woke up this morning to you telling me how many likes my posts have had this year. 

Excuse me, Facebook????? 

Are you telling me to measure my year - my success, my achievements,…

The Truth About Santa

As I grew up I was made to believe Santa Claus was based on Saint Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra, who lived in Turkey 343 AD. 
I never questioned that. Neither did I question why I was brought up…

Is Walt Disney holding you back?


About to embark on an animation project, I’ve just come across Lotte Reiniger. Needless to say, I had never heard of her before. Before last week, if you’d asked me to name any animators, I would probably have…

They've Got the World in Their Pocket

A year ago on this day Leonard Cohen died. A year ago on this day I was recording what was to become my album.  
A year has passed, Leonard Cohen is still dead, and I have released my album.…


Kindness of Strangers

On my way to Newcastle. I'm desperate to get there early, so I'll have time to rest and go through my set between my arrival and my show. Halfway there I stop at some services, I buy some cappuccino, am…